Affordable and effective advertising in Windsor & Essex County.


Reach thousands of homes on a monthly basis.

The Business Advertiser is a monthly business advertising publication designed and distributed by River Box Media Ltd. This publication is intended to help local business reach local consumers across Windsor and Essex County. Circulated directly by Canada Post to all residential and business addresses in the specific geographical area of the chosen issue.

Why Advertise with The Business Advertiser?

If you’ve done print advertising in the past, you may have found the results a little slow coming. More often than not, we rely on a reader to come across your advertisement while reading an article. This means, the reader must stop they’re intended action (ex: reading the newspaper) to look at an ad.

The opposite is true with The Business Advertiser. When the average home or business owner receives the booklet, they instantly understand the intent of ‘The Business Advertiser’ is to advertise local business. The majority of people take a few minutes to leaf through these booklets for the very specific purpose of looking at what local business has to offer them!

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